Sawing Method | OVACO

OVACO's Efficient Sawing Method

Accurate sawing to length is achieved by the use of both log and billet saws. OVACO has the capability of cutting lengths from 18" to 216" in all cast sizes available Using the latest technology, OVACO can cut billets to your size requirement.

One of a kind Custom Billet Saw

Ohio Valley Aluminum Company has added a newly designed one of a kind custom saw to the manufacturing facility. This new billet saw will produce at least two times more efficiently as the previous saw. The saw, designed by B&O Saws Incorporated, has the capability to cut two billets simultaneously. The custom saw also executes automated stacking and banding. OVACO uses a poly band to secure all bundles on wood batons.


All bundles are identified with an alpha-numeric label that includes a standard 3D barcode you can use to scan into your inventory.

Sawing Capacity

Our sawing capacity far exceeds the volume that can be cast each day insuring timely delivery.